Our Early Years Programme spans three years and nurtures the young child’s curiosity. Our students acquire knowledge in a caring, creative and open-minded environment with a strong emphasis on individual learning styles. The activities and experiences provided for the students are designed to capture their interest in learning, encouraging them to be creative and at the same time to satisfy their desire to explore and discover.

We combine the Inquiry Approach and Montessori philosophies of education to:
– Teach a variety of learning styles geared to meet individual needs
– Allow for learning in a social context
– Support cross-curricular teaching in order to make inter-disciplinary connections
– Learn the importance of character development

At TIPS Hyderabad, we follow the Learning Centre culture, where our classrooms are learner-centric, facilitating the needs of the learners. Our various zones outlined below offer a fun filled learning experience to our young learners

  • Whole group zone – learners are given instructions about the day’s activities at various centres;
  • Small group zone – interactions happen between the Facilitator and the students on a one-on-one basis;
  • Exploration zone – enables learners to explore activities pertaining to the concept of the day;
  • Math zone – concepts of numbers are imparted through play-way method;
  • Construction zone – learners are provided with materials to give shape to their imagination concerning a particular concept;
  • Theater zone – facilitates role play of a concept with the provided materials;
  • Reading corner – presents a plethora of books based on the concept that the learner can choose to amuse himself/herself with.
  • Cookery zone – enables learners to know more about food varieties and allows them to have hands on experience to flameless cooking.
  • Tech Zone – Exposes children to the world of technology through ICT devices.