Being a working parent is like being a superhero. Managing your responsibilities at work and a family at home tends to put you in a high pressure and stressful environment. However, between all the work pressure and home making, have you ever wondered if your child is getting enough attention, guidance and support to nurture their creativity, trigger their imagination, explore their options and rise to their true potential? This is where the uniquely curated, ‘TIPS – Day Care and After School Assistance Program’ comes to the aid of the parents.

This program provides tutoring and mentoring for kids of age 6-12 years by trained staff, to support and help the academic challenges they might face when working on the home practice work given by their regular school and or prepare for tests and examinations. This program assists kids in meeting head on challenging experiences on a daily basis

Activities include homework help and tutoring which raises students’ academic proficiency, reinforces and enhances skills and knowledge learned at school, teaches students the concept of academic goal setting, other academic activities like learning math, English, science & reading.

This TIPS Day-care, After School Assistance Program & Weekend Hobby Classes offer your family just the right solution and can provide kids with unique opportunities they may not get elsewhere.